Currently three classes are offered in Doreen

Term 2 start from 22nd of April 2019

Thursday 25th of April (Public holiday)

Friday 26th of April start normal class

Twinkle Star

2-3 year old

Thursday 4:00-4:30

The Twinkle Star Program is designed to give children the opportunity to dance and have fun with Mum or Dad.

This class is very relaxed and provides the perfect environment for children to gain confidence and knowledge as they progress to the next stage, the Tiny Tots Program.

Class Duration 30 minutes

Tiny Tots

3-5 year old

Thursday 4:30-5:10

The Tiny Tots Program is designed for children to learn primary ballet steps within a fun, positive and interactive group environment.

Classes features:

  • an introductory to basic ballet steps.

  • promotion of correct posture & body alignment.

  • encouraging children to express emotions through dance.

  • dancing with music in a group environment.

  • inspire creative dancing skills & concentration.

Class Duration 40 minutes


6-10 year old

Thursday 5:10-6:00

The Pre-School Program is designed to provide and /or enhance all of the features of the Tiny Tots Class with an additional emphasis on the fundamentals of classical ballet techniques.

Children are encouraged to have fun within this group environment, discovering the graceful expression of ballet and building confidence to express their personality through dance.

Class Duration 50 minutes


6-15 year old

Please contact

The Contemporary Program is designed for to able to dance connect the mind and the body through fluid to move and freedom of movement and express their feelings.

Learn how to improvise the contemporary dance and moves.